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thank you

Two “thank you” notes are appropriate with regard to this book. One to my dad and brother. One to my friend Erick.

I dedicated beyond MY church to my dad and my brother. Inside it reads:

“to my dad and my brother for modeling the beyond ME life”

I also inserted a thank you to Erick. Inside the book, it reads:

“It was my friend Erick Bauman who challenged me over coffee to have the courage to think and live this way.

We were enjoying coffee and friendship together.

We were conversing and asking a lot of what ifs. We had been somewhat cultivating “beyond MY church” in the city where we live, but our conversation and his encouragement pushed me to make unity among local churches a significant priority for our local church expression and to challenge other leaders in our area to make it a priority too.

Thank you, Erick, for challenging me in that way.”

I am grateful to them. And so should you be if the message of this book furthers the embodiment of the Gospel in your life and in the rhythms of your community.



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